Cell Timing…

When doing cell culture, one has to remain responsive to the cells themselves. I checked my Tumour Baby cells today, anticipating that they would be ready for passage and freeze down, only to see that they are still a bit sluggish post-thawing.

Tumour Baby Cells

Tumour Baby cells at 16/9/21

They are only about 50% confluent, so I will need to wait until they are 80 – 90% before I split them. I will feed them (i.e. change media) tomorrow, but will likely only be able to passage and freeze them on Monday. I just hope they are at the right stage by Monday morning, as I do not have weekend lab access. This puts pressure on getting the timings somewhat right.  Cells wait for no humans….On a positive note, the new batch of DMEM has arrived so I can make up new optimum media tomorrow.

The HBVPs in contrast are ready for passaging.


HBVPs P7 at 16/09/21

However, they can hold off for one more day so that they will be passaged, fed and happy over the weekend.

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