Project Delays

Unfortunately, we have hit another snag in relation to project progress. While we have ethics clearance to proceed with the cell immortalisation process, the ABM cell immortalisation kits we suggested are currently not available in Australia. Jo-Maree found a supplier in Singapore that has the item and associated reagents in stock but the shipping costs are prohibitively expensive at  $2235. This is because the items must be shipped on dry ice which requires additional processing and handling. There are also likely to be delays due to COVID.

The shipping expense is not the only issue as UTAS would need to organise the paperwork for import. As such Jo-Maree has suggested that we investigate alternative options with Australian suppliers. We are leaving this for the New Year.

Furniture Purchase for New Work

As mentioned previously, I have an upcoming show at The Barracks in New Norfolk in June 2022. This exhibition is the follow up to Mourning Story shown in 2021 and will showcase work arising from the Synapse Residency – although at this stage, I will not be showing any live cells.

I tend to be quite emergent in my approach to practice. However, many ideas tend to build on previous actions or make reference to previous works and concepts.  I have a history of repurposing furniture items to create new narratives that link to the domestic or particular historical periods. For the show in June, I am keen to revisit the idea of the Wunderkammer (cabinet of curiosities), but shift it from a sense of containment to a more open form that inspires a sense of wonder at ‘uncontainability’ of life.

One of my key strategies in finding the perfect item, is to trawl through Gumtree and second hand shops. It takes some time and diligence, but I have found the perfect piece.

CabinetTimber hall stand with mirror

Not only is a beautiful piece of furniture, it is also ideally suited to re-working as a triptych-style work as the central mirror panel can easily be removed.

At almost 2m high, I am very fortunate to have a friend and collaborator with a horse float to get it home!