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iPSC Maintenance

As part of my reprogramming training, I have now learnt how to maintain iPSC colonies. Maintaining iPSCs is a bit different to standard cell culture, as it involves cleaning the plates (i.e. removing unwanted differentiated cells) or selecting specific colonies or areas as part of the re-plating process.

There are two standard protocols in use. The first method is the simplest and involves using  a non-enzymatic dissociation reagent. This operates similarly to Trypsin in standard cell culture and dislodges cells so that they can be transferred to a new culture vessel.

The second (and more time-consuming) method involves using dispase to gently break cell adhesion and then manually selecting the areas for collection. A needle is used to grid the selected colonies into equal(ish) segments. These are then gently dislodged with a spatula and transferred to a new culture vessel.

While the UTAS protocols are not for public dissemination, the Stem Cell Catalogue has a good overview of standard/recommended iPSC maintenance.