Lab Meetings

One of my favourite things about being integrated in a research lab environment is that most research groups have regular meetings that give insight into research progress. Not only do these meetings allow members to gain insight into the various projects being undertaken within the group, they also enable troubleshooting and critical feedback.

Meeting NotesNow that I am officially part of the Stroke Group (with Synapse collaborators A/Prof Brad Sutherland and Dr Jo-Maree Courtney), I attended my first Tuesday afternoon meeting. Brad was the presenting speaker who shared some of his research from a Postdoc undertaken at the University of Oxford some years ago. The talk focused on “Glutathione  and its response following stroke”. While some of the discussion (particularly in relation to the Glutathione  pathway) was beyond my knowledge, it was still useful to consider the discussion in terms of experimental design.  It was also great to be reminded that sometimes outcomes are unexpected or unsatisfying, as they may contradict expectations.

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