Preparing for first passage

We’ve been inspecting the cells on a daily basis to determine when to passage (split) the cells into a new culture plate. The first passage is a crucial to establish good colonies and will likely need to happen on Wednesday 04/05/22. Prior to passage, Ash cleaned the plates to remove overgrown central areas of the colony and undesirable differentiated (i.e. non iPSC-like) cells.

Unwanted Cells
Example of undesirable non iPSC-like cell colonies viewed at 4 x magnification.
Bad colony
Bad colony with lots of differentiation and no clear iPSC-like edges viewed at 4 X magnification.

The cleaning process involved using a 200μl pipette tip to gently lift/scrape the unwanted cells, followed by a wash and media change to remove the cell debris to ensure that they do not attach to the plate again.

Cell colony with central area removed
Cell colony with central area of overgrown cells removed on 03/04/22 for passage on 04/04/22 viewed at 4 X magnification.


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