Associate Professor Brad Sutherland
UTAS School of Medicine

A/Prof Brad Sutherland is a group leader and Associate Professor in Neuroscience at the School of Medicine. His primary research focuses on blood flow in the brain with emphasis on the regulation of the microvascular system and its role in diseases such as stroke and dementia. A/Prof Sutherland has expertise cell development and reproductive system disorders with a strong background in primary cell culture including isolating cells from placental tissue.

Dr Jo-Maree Courtney
Junior Research Fellow in Neurovascular Research
UTAS School of Medicine

Dr Courtney is a Junior Research Fellow in Neurovascular Research. She has expertise across a range of domains including cell development, gynaecology and reproductive system disorders. Dr Courtney is an expert in cell and tissue culture.

Associate Professor Jane Nielsen
Centre for Law and Genetics

A/Prof Jane Nielsen is a Lecturer in the Faculty of Law. She is a member of the Centre for Law and Genetics and her area of expertise is in the area of intellectual property law, particularly as it relates to biomedical research including how intellectual property rights impact on biomedical research and the legal implications of 3D printing in a medical terrain.

Distinguished Professor Dietmar W. Hutmacher
QUT Centre for Regenerative Medicine

DProf Dietmar W. Hutmacher is a biomedical engineer, an educator, an inventor, and a creator of intellectual property. He directs the Centre for Regenerative Medicine and the ARC Training Centre in Additive Biomanufacturing at QUT. His interdisciplinary team of researchers include engineers, molecular & cell biologists, material scientist, polymer chemists, clinicians, and veterinary surgeons. DProf Hutmacher is an internationally recognized leader in the fundamental science of biomaterials and tissue engineering & regenerative medicine. He also has an outstanding track record in translating applied research into intellectual property and commercialization portfolios.

Recipient of ANAT Synapse Residency 2021