Passage number two

We are now into a bit of rhythm with my little iPSC cell babies. We cleaned the cells on Wednesday (11th) and they are ready for the second passage.

Ash’s plate looks great with lots of lovely iPSC colonies:

Ash iPSC 12/05/22
Ash’s plate of my iPSC cells 12/05/22 at 1X magnification.

My plates are less delightful – you can see some ‘schmucky’ areas marked by broken edges and random growth.

SK iPSC 12/05/22
Svenja’s ‘good’ iPSC plate 12/05/22
SK iPSC 12/05/22
Svenja’s ‘bad’ iPSC plate 12/05/22

Regardless, there are a few really good colonies to select for the next passage.

At this point, we are continuing to use the slightly more time-intensive dispase method as it enables me to choose the best colonies for continued growth.

SK iPSC 12/05/22 - grid

SK iPSC 12/05/22 - grid
Gridding up good colonies for passage 0n 12/05/22

As you can see my needle technique is improving, but the size is still a little small at times and not quite uniform.

As part of my project documentation, I’ve also fixed the parent plates this passage using 4% PFA. While the fixed cells are not hazardous, we will also coat the cell base with resin so that the vessels can be displayed as part of artwork components if needed.


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