Ethics – consent and medical questionairre

The ethics amendment process was not quite as quick as I had hoped with a few requests for revisions:

Revision Requests:

I did not think that I need to include formal participant consent forms since I am both participant and lead researcher. However, the ethics officer indicated that this is now a requirement.

While it has meant more work for me, I can see the value in including a formal consent form and medical questionnaire. It ensures that there is clear consent alongside identification of risks associated with the procedures. It also ensure that I formally declare my fitness (i.e. health) in undertaking the processes listed (skin biopsy and blood collection) and clearly list the ways in which risks could be mitigated (e.g. reduce likelihood of bruising, scarring etc). While I already had a good understanding of these parameters, it was useful to have a formal list and agreement. Completing these forms will also make sure I am prepared for future applications, especially involving external (or internal) participants.

I’ve done my best with the document (with review by Brad) so am hopeful for approval for a Feb start! Luckily, I don’t mind admin/paperwork and find the ethics process interesting 🙂

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